Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sock Sunday

Well, I suppose if I am knitting 4 pairs of socks in the next two months I can make Sock Sunday a regular feature.

Progress this week has been good.  The once and future "Mush!" socks have been reincarnated.  Nothing special going on here, just stockinette for miles.

The "Always" socks are up to row 67 of chart C / D and the gusset increases are well underway.  This is a new kind of heel for me so I am following directions and hoping it will turn out well.  I made my first Russian join yesterday when the yarn broke at a tender spot.  So far, so good.

These are the "Forest Hideaway" socks, so named after the colorway. This yarn was a reward for finishing the Camp Loopy projects a couple years ago.  It has been waiting for the perfect project and so far it is turning out well. The yarn is very lovely and soft.  I am improvising the pattern: started with ribbing, then moved to spiralling ribbing, then got bored and kept just three "paths" going down the leg.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sunset Socks

A well-matched pair, indeed

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


The little hat is done and has been pressed into service.  It's still too big but I like that it covers my ears, so it is staying that way.

Yep. It's a hat.


Samah approved


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Steampunk Blanket

I made a little lap blanket. It all started at Christmas of 2012 when I got a set of Loopy Cakes in “Steampunk”. I bought 3 skeins of “Mohagany” in solid series to flesh it out.  It took three years but now it is done and I even used it to fend off the drafts today at work.  
When I cast off last night, I had three inches of yarn left over.  I won at yarn chicken!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Musings

Well, not musings so much as a progress report.

Blue & white socks, ribbing done, well into the leg of sock 1.  This was my work / laundromat knitting today and it was perfect.

Steampunk blanket:  it is here on the desk, I can totally finish it tonight (12" to seam, a couple ends to secure and a ss border all the way around) if only I would get off the internet.

Today was laundry day and cat fluid day. Neither was too horrible.  Tuna salad on homemade bread for dinner rounded out the afternoon.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Super Sock Sunday

Green Snape Socks - added several rows more after the photo session.  Am on to the second set of charts and the increases for the gusset.  We are making a Fleegle heel - I know what a heel is, I know who Fleegle is, this should go well.  This one is perfect "Midsomer Murders" knitting because it needs a chart.
 White / Blue / Gray plain socks.  These are for the HMC #2 and are coming along nicely.  This one is my mindless knitting for the week.  Just around, around, around.
Green / Gold Pelle fair isle mittens.  You can see the beginnigs of little cats on the left hand mitten (4 feet and a ball of yarn).  The palms are also patterned.   This is also a good "knit in place" project, again due to the chart.  I really need to catch up the second one so I can do the same rows in the chart concurrently.  They have different charts but I think it will prevent 2nd mitten syndrome.  

Janet & Ruth are also making "kitten mittens" and today we had a nice "cast on" party.  I was already through the first cuff and jumped right into the patterning.  A good thing too, as that is where I needed to talk through some questions on the pattern.  It isn't poorly written by any means but it has a lot less hand-holding than most current / modern patterns.

In other news, Tuppy the cat has been super affectionate tonight. I wonder what he was up to while I was gone today.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Galen and Bingo hope I am bringing food as soon as I put down the camera.
We had a yarn & beer meetup last week and it was a great time.  I aquired some destash yarn and a little new yarn.  I am on a real sock kick right now so I have to be well stocked.
This one is becoming socks right now.