Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sad April

First I lost my beautiful Lola (guinea pig) to a fast-moving stomach upset, then today I took Fritti in for an antibiotic shot and ended up having to euthanize him.  Whatever has been going on in his mouth / sinuses for the last few years finally won and when I saw that he had been sneezing blood all day there was no other choice.  My poor little guy.  

Fritti came to me as a stray at the San Bernardino house July 4th weekend 1997. He was tiny, scrawny and covered in fleas.  We went right to the vet to get cleaned up and although he was an asshole for the first decade, he started to mellow and seek out my company more and more in the last several years.  The last year or so he has been my constant desk companion... if I wanted him here or not.

I have no idea what Galen will do without him - they were best buddies for so long.  I am happy that he isn't suffering anymore, but I will miss my little guy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workless Wednesday

Another Wednesday off and I managed to fill it with chores & responsible things... mostly.  Laundry, packing & shipping soap, making lunch instead of eating out, changing my sheets and such all qualify me for an "adulting" award.

In the afternoon Anne & I went to the birdfarm, got Frostys at Wendy's and enjoyed the beautiful spring day while getting caught up.  A chocolate shake soothes a lot of frazzled ends.

I even got a little knitting in - finished up 2 washcloths to ship with soap and put a few rows on Martha's red socks.  They are coming out very well.