Monday, July 23, 2012

School's In

I am taking an online class through Coursera and it started today. I watched 4 videos under 15 minutes each and am exhausted. Ironically, now that the instructor can't see me, I was not working on any knitting.  Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday, July 02, 2012


I brought home 2 live pets and a very large credit card bill today.  Fritti is wearing a blue satellite dish that sets off his ginger fur nicely.  Dozer's mystery lump is probably Very Bad News, but I don't have the $180 to get the lab tests done. The vet did not seem sanguine about our options, however.

It was a day fraught with alternating worry & guilt but for tonight I am happy to have them both home & in one piece.  The pressure bandage gets removed in 4 minutes and then I can go do laundry, buy cat food and give him some dinner and a pain injection at 8pm. 

I just wish I was off work tomorrow to play kitty nursemaid.


A big day for the furry residents of Casa de Pickyknitter today:  Fritti the cat gets ear surgery and his teeth cleaned and Dozer the dog gets a checkup, shots and hopefully an answer as to what the mystery lump on his back is.  I have started calling him QuasimoDozer but it doesn't really trip off the tongue. Fritti is 15 and I am somewhat worried about him coming out OK on the other side, but he is a stubborn cat and my vet has probably done this lots of times before.  Also, I paid for the bloodwork to be done and she didn't report anything that would make her think he will have an issue. 

Also on the to-do list: laundry. Luckily the laundromat & the vet are on the same block and there is a Dairy Queen right next door in case I need some comfort snacking.

Still not a lot of very exciting stuff going on here.  I go to work, come home, read, play on the computer, walk the dogs, read some more.  I made a nice spot in the backyard for sitting and enjoying these early summer evenings (noisy neighbors be damned) and it is very relaxing to watch the leaves on the tree sway in the breeze.

In fact, it has been so nice out I am thinking of finally fixing up the spinning wheel and spinning in the evenings.  It is almost time for the Tour de Fleece and I should start "training".  I still haven't made a dent in the fiber I bought last year at the fiber fairs we attended in the fall; I had the pleasure of buying it, the pleasure of knowing I have it, now it is time for the pleasure of processing it.