Monday, May 14, 2012

CB 6685

The most recent cockatiel babies were hatched back in February. Of a clutch of 2 I got one normal and one cinnamon pearl - so exciting!
Babies, appx 2 weeks old
Here the older chick is looking very self possessed.

CB6685 2 Apr 12
Today she (or he?) is out for some socialization on the playgym and on my shoulder. Wings are clipped now and s/he is quickly catching on to the idea that humans are not bad, not bad at all.
CB6685 14 May 12
S/He is looking for a new home. Because s/he is still so young (3 months) there is plenty of time to get bonded with a new family. S/he knows how to do "step ups" and loves to snuggle against my neck. So far, a very mellow bird that actually seems to observe and think before acting... imagine that.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Knit One, Walk Two

Tried to get some knitting done today while I was at the laundromat, but found a significant error in the lace about 2-3 rows back and packed it up for the morning. I was not in a good state of mind for lace surgery and didn't have any tools to aid the job.  I pulled out a crocheted doily-in-progress and made a few chains on that before the was was done and it was time to head home. 

Walked the dog twice today; a quick jaunt around the block this morning and then a two mile trip to the next big street and back. The evening was balmy with just a hint of a breeze and we had a nice journey. This is the 7th day in a row of walks (every day since I put Sunny to sleep) and they just keep getting better and easier.  My goal is to work up to at least 2 miles twice a day. So far I don't begrudge the time at all, and we will get faster as we get fitter.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend End

Well, it is back to work tomorrow.  I will do some laundry in the morning beforehand. Maybe knit a row on the shawl.  Come home & take a nap.

It's a thrill a minute here.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lazy Weekend, Continued

I think I will do a little knitting and watch a movie tonight, so perhaps there will be a picture of the shawl to post tomorrow. I really need to find a new knitting store or make knitting dates to reconnect with my old friends. My social world has shrunk to work-WoW-gardening Sunday and it is just not enough.  I saw a blog post from a knitter the other day and there was a picture from a knitting store of a work table & stock wall and a bunch of happy knitters. I felt an actual visceral reaction of longing for old times at Knit & Stitch. *le sigh*

Another beautifully quiet day today. Did some gardening in the morning, brushed Dozer until the lawn was white with underfur, took him for a jaunt around the block (5th day running) and then played some WoW.  The sparrows were out collecting beakfuls of soft clean fur within 5 minutes of the end of the brushing session.  Those undercoat rakes are amazing. 

Picked up my eReader to start something new and ended up restarting a book I have read twice already this year, The Winter Sea.  It is a romance & historical romance set in present day Scotland and 17th C Scotland with a dash of  inherited memory as a barely believable subplot.

Iris the baby cockatiel and Billy are still sort of cohabitating - he won't let her in his cage so she lives on top of it for now. She is flighted and talented at it and the birds are banished from that room now so they are safe... if a little lonely. Time to go inside, grab my knitting, pour a glass of water and find a cheerful movie.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Walkin' & Talkin'

No knitting content to report, sorry.  I am still chipping away at the Irtfa'a shawl by Anne Hansen, but one row twice a week is slow going.

Dozer and I got baths and then went for a walk this afternoon. I got some lunch and he got a new collar and lead - my birthday splurge.  I like giving him the freedom to walk on the 15' lead, but the trip back from the pet shop with the 4' lead was much more organized. I think he has slept under my chair for the entire time we have been back from our trip. He is still limping in the back; I am not sure if it is overwalking, a jumping off the bed injury or an issue from the mystery lump on his side. This is our 4th day in a row walking - not a huge milestone for some but pretty good for me.  I hope his hip feels better soon, as I will be very sad to have no walkable dogs now that I am trying to get back in the habit of walking.

I read a little, snoozed a little, ate some cake, walked for an hour, snuggled the parrot and played some World of Warcraft.  A pretty good birthday.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Day 2

Walked Dozer again tonight; it was a beautiful mild evening and perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood. I didn't get him brushed, I need to find the grooming equipment.

The cockatiels are in love with the back of my new desk chair. I had Billy (21) out for a while this morning - he shared my toast - and Iris is up there now. Billy proved to be very clever today.  I went in to the kitchen to get something and he flew in & around the corner to find me.

Oh dear, the downside is bird poop on the back of the chair. Time to log off & clean up.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spring Routine

Today I finished a book! I would tell you all about it but it seems to have mysteriously vanished into the depths of the bookcases.  It was "Plainsong" and a very good read (especially for 50 cents 4 years ago at a library sale).  Several characters' lives converge in this tale of found family.   The writing style was precise, clear and left me feeling that I knew the best, most important things about the characters, as everything extraneous has been stripped away.

This evening I took Dozer for a walk and it was nice. I got to try out my leather jacket and found it warm and comforting. We used the 15' lead around the quiet neighborhood and no incidents worse than wrapping the slack around a lawn sprinkler or two.  Maybe tomorrow I will brush him before we go; it is spring and he is blowing his undercoat.

It feels strange to have only one dog to walk.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I miss my Sunny girl.