Monday, November 24, 2008

Reading, Not Writing

This weekend was the boutique at Knit N Stitch. Soap sales occurred (thanks!), washcloths were knit, sunburn was avoided, and no nick nacks were acquired. Sunday I had a lazy day at home playing with my new toy (the tv converter box I finally installed) and cooking. Things went great until the headache, nasuea and intestinal distress all hit at the same time (during the pilot of "24" of all things) and I spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor. I felt better (except for the nightmare headache) this morning, but my tum is a little tender. I managed to go to CVS first thing to buy a lot of Tylenol. But enough about me.

I have become enchanted with opinionated blogs. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't, but I am impressed by some people's ability to gish out invective. And dish it out too. I just don't have that many strong opinions, don't want to hurt people's feelings and don't want them to stop liking me, so softspoken and boring I will remain.

Washcloth knitting is continuing - they are popular with soap patrons so I must stay in the sweatshop. I picked up the grey sweater this morning and worked on it a bit.

And Blogger ate the last half hour of this post. Dammit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knit knit knit KNIT knit knit

I am still in washcloth heaven. It is a comforting place to be. That said, I managed to put in half a row on the gray sweater (!) and spun 2 oz of yak/silk yesterday. Having no electrics at the house was a real motivator to spend the day at Knit N Stitch. Speaking of which, don't forget to swing by on Friday and Saturday for their Handmade Gifts Boutique and Open House. There will be vendors (soap!) and snacks. They have a new yarn line or two which are quite nice.

The house is real pretty by candlelight. I found all the oil / hurricane lamps and refilled the tealights. I had plenty of light to read and knit by and loved the rustic-ness of carrying around my light source. Except for when I stepped on the dog, who got up after I shifted my weight forward onto him and I fell on my buns. Dogs are slippery. I was in bed with lights out (see what I did there?) by 9:30 which was a pleasant change from 1:30.

This morning I took a cold shower before I realized there was nothing wrong with the water heater. Duh. I saved a lot of water though. Yes, I paid the bill yesterday. Yes, everything will be back on today. Really all I must have electric for is the fridge and the fishtank. Living without a fridge really sucks. I've done it.

But anyway. I am happily at the coffee shop working and blogging. It is a beautiful day, I am clean and dressed, I watered the garden. The bell pepper plant is covered in blossoms - what is up with that? I should start looking for a sale on swiss chard, spinach and broccoli plants for the winter garden. The tomato is still bearing, although the fruits are pretty small. I have fallen wayyyy behind on grooming in that department. They say these 90 degree days will be at an end soon. I like the heat, but geez it is November!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is it safe to come out yet?

I did nothing Friday and not a whole lot else earlier in the week. It was a sad, annoyed, restive week. Blah. I did eat a vast quantity of off-brand cheerios and spend an embarassingly long time reading the archives of my new favorite blog, Well Done Fillet. I have a burning desire to visit Belfast now.

Today I made soap until the battery in the scale ran out. That is a lot of soap! Plus, I learned that 2 minutes is not the same as 20 seconds and that burnt soap smells revolting. I was glued to the channel 11 coverage of the inferno here in SoCal... I hope the 91 is open again by the time I need to drive on it (tomorrow morning). It totally sucks that so. many. people. have lost their homes (500 in one mobile home park alone), but dudes... if you are going to build them that close together, in the middle of nowhere... And why have people not yet stocked up on that cool gel stuff that you spray on your house? And the last observation: arson isn't funny.

I think I will stay perky for a little while. I hope so, anyway. And don't let me forget to buy dog food before I go home. I forgot cat food earlier in the week and that wasn't pretty.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

That Elusive Thing

Some of us don't even get to feel it, share it at all. Why limit the few who find it? 'Nuff said.


I managed to get the sun, the camera, the battery, the cord and the computer all together this week and now present the new woolies... all looking for new homes. Drop me a line for quantity and prices.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, I have taken a running leap and jumped on the washcloth bandwagon. I hope they don't ask to see my ticket. After years (years!) of pooh-poohing washcloths and their knitters, I finally made one up, pretty much on a dare. I was nonplussed. Then I used it. I wanted to spend the rest of my life washing my face. So soft! So gently scrubby! So adorable! So little lint! And the Soap Plantation Honey soap did not hurt :) I am now a washcloth knitting machine... at knit night, at craft day, at the shrink, at traffic lights.

I have been selling my soap and fiber heart out the last two weekends, and plan to continue the same for the rest of the year. The new fiber colorways came out *gorgeous* and I have a few left (pictures soon). All the best scents of soap are back in stock and as lovely as always. We offered a new blend - Almond Joy - which is already sold out. However, the new Organic Soap is still in stock. It would make a lovely gift if presented with an organic cotton washcloth (hint hint). Upcoming shows are in the sidebar (as always) and I will work on booking more events as soon as this post is posted.