Monday, November 25, 2013

Back on Track

It seems that all I use the blog for these days is as a portal to other updated blogs. Maybe I should become part of the action again.

October was full of WoW.

November has been full of WoW, including a trip to Blizzcon and dinging my 5th level 90 character.  It's been a great ride.  I also went to the Fiber Fair in Torrance and bought some very soft llama fiber.

I was knitting like crazy on a shawl but am running out of yarn and am in a dither.  Of course it is a commission and in a difficult color to match. 

Holly wants me to take her on more walks. 

Today I found a notification that I received a gift of a scarf pattern that I have wanted for several years (but was unwilling to pay $10 for).  I am a happy knitter! I think the previously mentioned llama will work well for it.  Now I have a spinning / knitting project for the next couple of months.