Saturday, February 07, 2015

Shop. Drink. Play.

Had a really great day today.

I finshed "Old Man's War" already, it was a fast, fun read. There were a few iffy sections of man-splaining but mostly it was satisfying.  I wasn't too sure about the premise, but the author fleshed out an interesting story with believable details.   I think I will order the sequels from the library.

Next on the agenda was visiting the Yarnover Truck and smooshing all the beautiful yarns. It's never come this close to my town before and it was parked literally right down the street. I made sure I did my part to support small business.

A friend came out from LA to visit (and pat yarn) and we had a great burger lunch and then an acceptable beer tasting at The Packinghouse.  It wasn't as good as Wickes on the other side of town, but it was close.  They will be the beer purveyors at The Dickens Festival in two weeks, what a small world.

A box of yarn and fiber joined my stash; an acquaintence was getting rid of all her craft stuff and a ton of books.  It should keep me busy well into next year.  I am not one to look the gift of free wool in the mouth, and anyway, there will be plenty of leftovers to share with the No Idles.

Last stop of the day was a gaming date; my WoW mojo has been missing lately but playing with someone else is really fun.  I need to either whip my guild into shape or go shopping for a chattier one.

Now it is bedtime... and by the way the little cockatiel chicks are still doing well.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Nice Recovery

All night and morning I turned the problem at work over in my mind.  I was all set to confront the person, but then the problem was slightly less bad and it wasn't worth the possible increase in bullying.  Will continue to hold steady but I have some speeches prepared if I have to engage.  One has lepers.

On the way home I went to the library, discovered my special request had arrived (Old Man's War) and also rented a video ("Dancing at Lughnasa").  I have been enjoying being part of a book club even if it is only on the knitting forum.  Friday is library day - if it is there, I should use it.  Made a trip to the grocery store next; I want to make crock pot lasagna this week.  It might be wierd but it should be edible.  Last adventure was to Kohl's to spend a $10 gift card.  I didn't really have a plan but ended up with some cutting boards (bamboo, set of 3) that I can put to good use.  The only one at home is a pull out from the cupboard and is likely original along with that 40's contact paper.  Finally I can have a dedicated soap board!

Galen is helping type the blog today - he is laying across my arms as I try to type.  It's pretty annoying... he must be thoroughly recovered from his dental surgery two weeks ago.  I know he is sure a bottomless pit as far as kibble is concerned.

Baby cockatiels are hale & hearty, covered in yellow fluff and sporting crops full to bursting.  I think they might just make it.

Put in a good row on Catkin today at lunch, the end is near at last.  Unfortunately this is one of the fiddliest parts of the pattern, which is saying something as this is one of the most difficult patterns I've worked in some time... possibly ever.

Thursday, February 05, 2015


I'm not having a great evening - irritated and upset about something at work and haven't been able to shake it off. But I had cookies for dinner and the pets are fed & have clean quarters so that is something.

Blasting things in D3 also helped; time to show my wizard some love before season 2 starts next week.  I bet I can get her to 70 in no time.

And I picked up a pro tip the hard way today: if you bring your knitting for entertainment, be sure to bring your pattern as well.

Baby cockatiels are still doing well although the one that was pipping in the egg yesterday seems to have died.  It's not been a successful year yet for chicks... fingers crossed these 2 little guys make it. One of the ladies at work is in line for a baby.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, that was a good evening. First order of business was visiting a friend on the way home. She's taking some time to care for a family member and I miss her at the office.  Flowers & coffee cake saved the day. It was still light out at 5pm when I left and for a good while after... it is nice to have warm, bright afternoons again.

Decided tonight would be a fine night to visit with the birdies. Found two 4-5 day old cockatiels in the nestbox and an egg with a hole making pipping noises. I hope the 3rd one makes it and is not too far behind the others in development.  Fed the family some warm mixed veggies, cleaned all the cages, then sat down with some Star Wars and my dutch double drive wheel and attempted to get it moving.

After much fiddling, it is running and spinning was achieved. It still needs some work: dusting & cleaning the wood, finding a better drive band and figuring out how to either shim the legs or attach rubber feet (or both). I have to put it on blocks to use it as the nadir of the footman is lower that floor level. It's pretty frustrating, but I am glad I stuck with it and I am sure more practice will help.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Burst of Energy

It was relatively quiet at work today so I scampered off early.  I think I may have actually hit every single thing on my to do list.

  • lunch
  • catboxes
  • finish library book
  • return library book
  • order book club book
  • drop off book donation
  • laundry
  • pick up cat food from vet
  • fix the knitting issue with Catkin
  • buy drain cleaner and milk
  • clear drain
  • spin yarn 90 min
  • feed cats
... and it's only quarter to 8pm.  I still have to pay the rent but I really think I did a great job. 

Funny story: the kitten likes to leap from the top of the parrot cage to the bed and then bounce sideways to the floor instead of the 4 foot drop straight down.  Today she lept... and banked off my back as I was leaning down.  Kitty went flying, poor dear. 

No one is in the cat bed by the bookshelf tonight, they must have called a musical cat beds truce.  

Monday, February 02, 2015

Musical Cat Beds

Continues apace...
I came home, did some tidying, played some Daymare Town while trying to figure out how to occupy myself this evening, and whammo it is nearly bedtime.   Hmmm, my library book is due tomorrow, I guess I could finish it.

My home life is really orderly, peaceful, quiet and boring... and I like it that way.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blessed Imbolc

Today we welcome back the light.  I took a few moments to stage a simple altar: candle, incense, a white stone and a blue stone.  Had a nice cleansing shower and am ready for the runup to spring.

In other news, the cats have been making great use of the catbeds and appreciating the freshly tidied bookshelf.