Saturday, June 19, 2010


Done - budget begun. Date night done and another planned. Neighbor yelled to tell me my cat was stuck in the window and then talked to me for 2 more hours (but it was nice to visit). Catbox cleaned. Dishes done. Laundry in progress.

Friday, June 18, 2010


To do:
  • make a budget
  • knit
  • clean da catbox
  • date night
  • garden
  • laundry

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Settling In

I have been feeling myself settle into a sense of stability and smoothness this week. Things with Mr. P are going well and I am starting to let myself be at peace with the idea that I am ready for someone else in my life, after a month of second guessing if I am really ready. It has taken the better part of 2 1/2 years to put myself back together. I don't begrudge that time; I have needed every minute of it to feel whole again; but over the last year I have had a growing sense that I would be capable of enjoying time with a new partner.

It is time to start adding little things back into my day; things that went by the wayside in the flurry of excitement and hopefulness. Blogging is tops on the list. Knitting is right behind. Routine is not an option - not with the crazy work schedule - but I hope that keeping some up some touchstone habits with keep me grounded.

So... watch this space for more snippets of my life with wool, cat hair and dreams of northern climes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barrel, Bottom of

It has been a tense week here. I don't know where it went, exactly, but last month's paycheck is long departed and it is STILL a week until payday. I raided every nook and cranny and found 4 $2 bills, one $1 bill, 8 quarters and a dollar coin. The only thing I refuse to give up is that $5 silver certificate. Emptied the savings, emptied the bank, emptied the sugar bowl. Offered to rent out a guinea pig for a week. No takers.

But the bills are paid (excepting food and gasoline), the house is snug, the cats are fed, the car is paid off and insured, and the lights are on. I am pretty sure I won't die. I can always eat yarn... it is a natural fiber, right? There is a man who adores me and a job to go to. There are even knitting projects to work on.

Fire on the freeway meant getting home was a slow trip and it is already very late. Time to put in some laundry, make some lunch for tomorrow, update the blog and take a shower. It is still not a bad life. I am stoked about making a budget this weekend, refilling the savings account after Tuesday, getting the car fixed and starting to put a little bit away for my summer vacation.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It has been an interesting month here at the Pickyknitter abode. Not much knitting, a lot of working, and a serious amount of falling ass-over-teakettle for a mysterious gentleman. He seems to have all the qualities on my 'list'; patient, patient, geeky, patient, funny, likes cats, patient, affectionate, patient and funny. The timing is right, the stars are aligned, I am getting what I asked for and the next step is to enjoy it and let our friendship blossom without second guessing or feeling unworthy or taking it for granted.

I have also drunk a stunning amount of brandy sours, but not all at once, so that is not really news.

At work today they asked if I would be interested in becoming a 'lead' on my team... I am pretty sure that would be ok with me. I have had short days this week and it is really, really good for recharging the ol' batteries. Month end will be here before I know it.