Monday, December 15, 2008

6-6 Degrees of Separation

Tien started it! Here is what a quick peek through my photo albums came up with. Not thrilling, not death-defying, but just adorable. This is Sunny, one of my two dogs. She is going on 13 nowadays. It just doesn't seem like I have had her for 11 years. I got her from the pound when I moved into my current house in order to be a companion for the dog I already had. I have never figured out what breed she might be... my best guess is a chihuahua / cocker spaniel cross. Then when Sophie was smushed by a car, Sunny and I had to strike up a relationship of our own. She is a sweet dog, too shy, who tries not to upset anyone and usually ends up directly in the middle of everything in the most annoying way. We share that quality. She also enjoys being the dog park police, barking at any dog who is having any fun at all.

Under the Covers

And happy to stay there for quite a bit longer. The other option is going to the local dive bar and getting smashed. And there I won't get any knitting done. Not that I got any knitting done at home anyway.


There are days when the pets are just not the right kind of company. Especially days like today when they were soaking wet. Ugh.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sitting Pretty

A cat and his balls...Well, it is the dog's ball, really. But Galen seems pretty possessive of it right now. Another beautiful fall day here in River City. Warm, sunny, breezy and dry as all-get-out. I could get used to this...

Washcloth knitting continues. Law & Order watching continues. I have been throwing in some dishwashing and laundry to liven things up, and am generally pretty content at home. Especially since I went to the grocery store. Woman can live on cheerios alone, it seems.
Tonight will bring a trip by the knitting shop, a trip to yoga, and perhaps some soap making and fiber dyeing. Soap makes me happy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Would You Like... smell some soap? This weekend I was at a craft show in Murrieta. You can see that I had a nice spot and plenty of soap for the masses. On Saturday I even set up the computer and played "White Christmas" for everyone's entertainment. Coupled with kettle corn and good company, it made for a fine day.I recommended that everyone "otter" buy some soap ...And I made sure there were lots of washcloths available to wipe up afterward. This is what I have been doing with my knitting time for the last few weeks. I am knitting like the wind. I can hardly wait for January when I will be all caught up and can go back to work on something complicated and lacy.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


So I was cleaning cages the other day and what did I find? Steve McQueen has been working on a tunnel. Geez. Actually it is a rusted-out area of the bottom of the pen, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It has since been blocked and his escape thwarted.

As for me, I spent most of the long weekend (still can't get used to not having a regular job) hiding in my room, watching tv and not knitting. There was eating, too. Lots of that. But more or less I was hiding, depressed and grouchy for 4 days. There was a little ray of light that was Saturday's soap show, but it was short lived. Sunday afternoon I decided I was tired of lousing about and did some general tidying. It perked me right up!

Things are better this week. I have been out of the house - knitting even! Today was a soap show in the late morning and yoga work in the afternoon. I am hoping to make soap this evening, or go to quilting, or maybe stay home and knit. I have a backlog of holiday orders to get finished. There are two new Netflix at home, so I will have something to keep me occupied while I knit. I am getting a bit weary of tv (!) and it may be time to cancel the Netflix subscription in the interest of cutting back expenses. I am also thinking about a major craft destash.

So all in all things have been quiet. Sorry for the lack of pictures. The knitting doesn't seem all that exciting in the big picture - just washcloth after washcloth. I did finish the first sleeve of the gray sweater and am churning through the second... but then I ran out of yarn of the correct grist (size). Sigh. More spinning in my future. Luckily I enjoy spinning.

Hope all is well with y'all!