Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Crazy at work the last two days. We have just enough staff - barely - for regular days. Take away one person or increase the workload by 20% and my stress level goes right up to "oh my god we are all going to die". The last two days both of those things happened and I was not at my best.

I am NOT going to feel guilty about taking 4 days off in a week. Nope, nope, nope. I have been there every day I was scheduled for 9 months except for two days sacrificed to getting the car running again. And it is a working vacation anyway.

Wakeup call at 4:15 am. Time for lights out!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I love the new post over on Acorn to Oak. I scrolled down to the KNS sign and got all misty eyed. I forget how much I miss it and then wonder how we go on knitting without it. I peeped in the window yesterday... the new shop has moved in. Shopping there would still seem like a betrayal, methinks. And I have plenty of stash.

Knit a few rows on a washcloth today at lunch. The blue socks are on hold while I search for my missing #1 needle.

It was another scorcher today, but I tried to enjoy it. I will long for the heat around December. The cavies and rabbits will be glad to see the back of the heat though; Lola looks like a pig over a barrel when she lays on her frozen water bottle. I will be surprised if she does not get frostbite in her pig-pits.

As for knitting & sipping wine - I suggest you start slowly. Perhaps a white wine spritzer and a garter stitch scarf!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Starting Over

Well I guess instead of feeling guilty about falling behind in my blogging, I should just start again.

It is hot today. 111 degrees hot. After a week in the climate controlled office, it am feeling a little wilted. I just sprayed down the cockatiels but they seem to have air dried already - time for another round. Baby # 3 I sold to a coworker who loved her greatly, but she died suddenly Friday night. Sigh. Baby #2 is apparently a male, as he is talking, mumbling and singing more and more each day. Lately I have been wondering if he has an "off" button. Mustardseed was bitten by the dog (my fault), but her foot has healed nicely and she will be fine. Mama cat escaped a couple weeks ago, but I caught her last night. Beaker had his first birthday on Monday and has learned to say "here kitty kitty".

There has been knitting - I have two finished pairs of socks to show off and then two and a half single socks. It turns out that drinking and knitting do go together.

Time to run a tub full of icy water and submerge myself!