Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not knitting

An action shot of the gloves I am supposed to be knitting, except I put them down for a scarf, then I put that down for a pair of socks...

The socks will be done tonight, then it will be time to finish the scarf, then I can go back to the gloves.

Just in time for spring.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last weekend I demonstrated spinning at an alpaca show in Norco.  It was really fun.
 There were alpacas
 There were inquiring minds

 There were spinners!

 Even more alpacas
 And there was  yarn!  Above, some alpaca /merino I spun.  Below, some llama.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Hope

Peerie, 2/21
A few weeks ago I had a really difficult week. I was missing Dozer, I had just lost Kiwi, I gave away two cockatiels, work was stressful, the sky was still dark all the time and I was just really sad.  I had the other birds, the cats, Holly the new dog, but it was not a good situation.

I saw someone with a pet rat over at the Dickens Festival (we were sitting in the spinning booth) and got the idea that it was finally, finally time to become a rat owner again.  After Dixie passed away in 2002 it was just too painful to think about replacing her.  But now the idea of a little warm furball on my shoulder seemed right. 

Enter Peerie, a young rat from the feeder tank at the pet store.  He joined the family on 2/9 and was about a month old.
Peerie, 2/16
He is handsome, friendly, curious and (as of Friday) clean and good smelling.  Yesterday we graduated to him riding on my shoulder while I walked Holly around the block. 

I have been much happier in the last few weeks, work has been a little better, the pets are still bad but that is nothing new.  I still snuggle the cats & dog all the time, but this little rat has really filled an empty place in my heart.  I hope we have a good future together. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I'm still knitting the gray scarf, but started some gray socks today and earlier in the week swatched some gray yarn & brown yarn for a shawl.

I'm trying to get a little bit of tidying done each day.

I went to both days of a spinning demo this weekend.

I am reading a little each day.

The cat went to the vet for a checkup and the dog got her new license.

So far February has been productive and satisfying.