Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back in Stock!

The`'Mermaid' Scarf is back for your knitting pleasure!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do What You Know

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


song chart memes
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


OOF I overdid it in the social arena today. It has been a great day, though! My new knitting student is stellar, my Wallaby is walking along, I am restocking the Mermaid Scarf pattern over at Knit N Stitch and itching to work up something new.

Time for some dinner, some catsitting and then begging off weaving class in favor of an extra early bedtime.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Knitting continues on the Wallaby. I managed to write the directions down wrong and had to rip out all of the pocket and re-do the decreases, but have re-knit it correctly and am well into new yarn now. I am really happy with it so far but almost wish it was some bright shiny color instead of natural brown. The next one, maybe. It was so much fun to sit and knit with Linda and the ladies at the store this afternoon. We talked about Movie Night, about having a holiday party / open house and about having a Winter Knitting Olympics.

Tomorrow I have a new knitting student. I am very excited to steer someone down this path. Now I just need to find my handbasket...

I had another interview today and hope to hear back next week. This position is exactly what I love to do and excel at. It is close to home and a relaxed environment. Fingers and knitting needles crossed.

Mama cat has finally decided (after 7 months) that pettings are good and that I distribute them. Now she follows me everywhere for snuggling and stroking. Luckily she is soft and floofy.

Still Awake

I am falling down tired, but waiting for the laundry to go into the dryer (smart laundry), and too excited for tomorrow to go to sleep. This is a recipe for waking up late and missing my appointment, but yet....

Managed some tidying today and moved some stuff into the garage. Yay space! My dream of emptying the closets, adding shelves and reorganizing is still a dream, but I am one step closer. Visited the catsitting cats and gave them all scritches. They are ready for their 'parents' to be home, and may finally be warming up to me in desperation :)

The Wallaby knitting is moving along - I am decreasing the pocket and will soon join it to the body and keep on going.

Not a thrilling post but better than a stick in the eye.

The full moon is so pretty tonight - amazingly bright and clear. My yard is all lit up like when the cops had the DUI checkpoint floodlights on. The kind of night that is best appreciated out in the country, not here in town with the streetlights vying for my attention, washing out the moonshine.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

High Fiber Diet

Well, we carpooled to the SoCal Handweavers' show and sale today and had a great time. It seems like I saw every friend I have - I suppose that happens when you surround yourself with spinners. There were some new vendors with some very yummy roving and yarn, but I managed (barely) to contain myself to only spending my gift certificate. Picked up a back issue of Spin Off and some Finn roving (which is nigh on impossible to find) in white, of course. As usual, almost all the fiber and yarn that I loved beyond reason was natural colored (white / brown /gray). Gee, I have plenty of that! Anyway, the place was jam packed and the vendors were selling as fast as they could.

It was fun to talk knitting / spinning in the car on the way there; I didn't even think about working on my sweater during the ride. We talked about novelty yarns and then ran into John Pitblado who teaches a novelty yarn class - what luck! We will have to have him come out and teach a Riverspinners class. I think having a rigid heddle weaving class is also on the table. And a party. I am going through cream puff withdrawl.

Saturday will be the Lace Day - I will have to see about carpooling and maybe volunteering. I have been lace free since February (boy it seems like a hundred years ago) and it will be nice to dip my toes back in the pool.