Monday, September 29, 2014


Today was day 2 of sitting with the birds and reading.  It was just as good as yesterday.  My book is silly but interesting, birdies are soft and cuddly, lack of electronics in that room makes it quiet & peaceful.

Still knitting on the Pointelle socks. Switched to a 9" circular needle and it is going well.  The decrease stitches are a little tight but other than that they are fine.  The trick is to use one 9" needle, not two like I tried last year. That was way too fiddly.

Still very tired but I had better rustle up the energy to walk the dog. She deserves some quality time too.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mabon Madness

Well, fall is finally here and I'm going to make the best of it at home at least, even if things at work are still really tough.

The afternoon light in the house is much better; I don't feel quite as much like I live in a cave.  Can I keep the sun at this September angle forever?  The mornings are each a little darker than the last; leaving the house at 5:30 am is becoming more of an exercise in navigating in the dark. 

I bought a full size crock pot last week and am really looking forward to making more delicious meals - last week I made beef stew and it was quite a success.  It lasted Sunday and 4 days' worth of meals (snack & lunch) at work.  I think lasagna or meatloaf will be next... although trying roast chicken looks good too.

A new birdy joined the flock yesterday, a male pearl cockatiel.  His tag says he was called Dalmation, but I'm going to give him a new start as Robin.  My Mustardseed & Peaseblossom will be thrilled that Robin Goodfellow / Puck is joining the "Midsummer Night's Dream" cast.  His arrival triggered a bird room cleanout and everyone is much happier, myself included. Today I sat with them and read for a while - Hamlet claimed my shoulder and Robin eventually made his way to my knee for some head scratches.  The ladies (Sydney and Violet) stayed firmly in their cages.  The parakeets thought we'd lost our minds. 
Opal and Wavey


Robin from the other side
Knitting continues as well.  I am primarily working on my Order of the Phoenix mission for fall term - Pointelle socks. 
Pointelle (right)
In my off moments, I am slowly making progress on a shawl that has been in the works for a couple years - Catkin.

Monday, September 01, 2014

My August Creation

I meant to write, I really did, but every spare moment was tied up making this.

I finished at 10:30 pm 8/31... 90 minutes before the cutoff time. Whew.