Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today's pick is more of the Mermaid socks. They are going... well... swimmingly. I hope to have the foot done and hopefully the heel too by the end of my stupid math class tonight. I have a list of prospects for the leg... stockinette, 1x1 ribbing, and several lace patterns (from the 365 knitting stitches a day calendar) are in the running. If I get some time I will scan the pages and put it up for a vote. If you have the calendar, the days are 10/11 (Eyelet Twigs), 10/15 (Scallop), 10/24 (Foaming Waves), and 10/25 (Arch Lace, which I think looks like the mermaid's tail). Words cannot express the joy in my heart when I look at this yarn. I think I will get some more and make a set of matching mittens. I would love a whole pullover this color, but I don't want to knit it on size 0 needles or buy a knitting machine.

I knit about 1/2 row on the Adamas shawl last night while waiting with M for R to come to dinner (which was fabulous - we had Thai. I will post the address when my car comes back from the shop, as that is where I left the flyer). The rows are taking about 12-15 minutes each (longer to purl back), and every other row is 4 st bigger. But I have finally memorized all the pattern repeats, so I can just zoom along on it when I have large blocks of uninterrupted knitting time.

The gray sweater ("Aud" by Elsebeth Lavold) looked at me accusingly when I got home, so I may bite the bullet and finish that soon. I am hoping it will be cold enough outside to wear it this fall / winter.

The car needs new brakes, so there will be no yarn shopping for a while. I think I have enough to keep me busy for a decade or two anyway.

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