Monday, November 06, 2006

Catching up....

November 4 -5: I had a lovely weekend at the Lace Day on Saturday and the Handweaver's show on Sunday. Sold some stuff, bought some stuff, stuffed myself with cookies and coffee. Dropped off a finewool fleece with Sheri of Morro Fleece Works, did NOT buy any spindles, wheels, or other fiber tools, and made an effort to buy gift wool for the holidays. Handed out many, many cards for the cruise.

Nov 7: Managed to make it to my polling place and vote - thanks to Mandy for looking it up for me. I hate it when people don't vote, especially when they then complain about how things are.

Nov 8: I actually made it to yoga at 6:30 am and had a great time. Set up in the afternoon for our in-home show in Chino Hills and was later crippled by a big bad "icepick" headache. Now I carry my advil with me everywhere.

Nov 9: Went to Algebra, took (aced) the test, and was done by 7:30. No new material, so no homework for the week. Worked on a bobbin lace project in the evening - I have a class this weekend and am way behind on my practicing. I am working on spiders and would love to work on roseground before my class... we will see how far I get. Winding the bobbins for the moon is taking forever.

Nov 10: Made it to 6:30 am yoga again *yay me* In the evening Val came over and we went to go see "Flushed Away" and have some dinner at my renovated Marie Callender's. The movie was fabulous. Really really enjoyed it. Pat was right - the slugs rock.

Nov 11: I spent all day at the in-home show. Did some selling, did some shopping, ate some tamales, and spun 2 oz of ingeo on the Millie. I really really love the ingeo and the time really flew. I think I will make it into a tank top for summer.

Nov 12: Another show, this time in lovely downtown Hermosa Beach. Sold some soap, ate some snacks, spun another 2 oz of the ingeo, and finished winding off the silver - purple BFL off the bobbins. Now that they are in balls, I can ply the 3 singles together (silver end first) and move along closer to my planned circle / spiral shawl. Wish me luck on getting a lot of yardage!

Today... I am still chipping away at the pumpkin socks. There was very little knitting this weekend (spinning makes a better demo project for me). I am still chipping away at the Adamas shawl - I seem to have misplaced the pattern card I made up. I started a Christmas gift project last week - handspun mittens for my Grandma. I need to get cracking on those, but they knit up fast. After that there is a whole flock of gift socks on my plate. I love my spinning friends - I can just give them roving and let them do the work :)

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