Friday, April 11, 2008

Whizzing in April

Where did the month go? I really did try to post on Tuesday. Really I did. Thank you all for your kind words about the Petal sweater. I have worn it quite a lot and enjoy it every time. I think that pattern will get made several more times.
The AZ Handweaver's Conference "Fibers Through Time" was great fun. I sold soap, met great people, got a bunch of spinning done, and scored an affordable warping board. There was a gallery for items made by the guild members and they were amazing. I am all motivated to submit something next time. Here are Sharon and Jo, my vendor neighbors (I will link to websites when I remember to put the addresses near the laptop bag).
Here is an antler handle basket from the gallery. I loved this. This bikini and cover up were just adorable. They won a prize of some sort. This red vest (handwoven) was my favorite item. It was much redder in person. The combination of weave structures piqued my interest.
Me and the soap booth!
Galen, my fat cat. That is a box that copy paper comes in. He can sure spread out!
I got to visit with my aunt, uncle, cousins and grandma in Phoenix on my way to and from Tucson. We had some birthday cake, played some Boggle, and had a slideshow of the handweaver's conference pictures. And more spinning was accomplished.
It was a good weekend. I can't really remember what I have done this week - it is a blur of yoga, netflix, and spinning gray yarn. A lot of gray yarn. There is a Riverspinners meeting tomorrow, I saw the shrink today, the weather has been great, and I think I am going to go home and bake cookies. The garden is growing (although I may lose the pansies) and I have been refereeing the aphids vs ladybugs showdown on the rosebushes. A good life.


Acorn to Oak said...

Cute kitty!

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! How do you find all these great fibery fun things to go to?

Loretta said...

Glad you had a good time with your relatives - your slide show was awesome!!!!