Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is it safe to come out yet?

I did nothing Friday and not a whole lot else earlier in the week. It was a sad, annoyed, restive week. Blah. I did eat a vast quantity of off-brand cheerios and spend an embarassingly long time reading the archives of my new favorite blog, Well Done Fillet. I have a burning desire to visit Belfast now.

Today I made soap until the battery in the scale ran out. That is a lot of soap! Plus, I learned that 2 minutes is not the same as 20 seconds and that burnt soap smells revolting. I was glued to the channel 11 coverage of the inferno here in SoCal... I hope the 91 is open again by the time I need to drive on it (tomorrow morning). It totally sucks that so. many. people. have lost their homes (500 in one mobile home park alone), but dudes... if you are going to build them that close together, in the middle of nowhere... And why have people not yet stocked up on that cool gel stuff that you spray on your house? And the last observation: arson isn't funny.

I think I will stay perky for a little while. I hope so, anyway. And don't let me forget to buy dog food before I go home. I forgot cat food earlier in the week and that wasn't pretty.

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