Friday, February 05, 2010

That Knittin' Feeling

The Wallaby sweater, she is done. 1100 yards of handspun brown romney knitted into a warm hoodie. Next time I will add a bit of length to the body (between the top of the pocket and the bottom of the sleeves) and take away a smidgin of the length of the sleeves. I will also find a more subtle sleeve increase method. Otherwise, I am quite pleased. It was an easy knit, although the directions are SO. VERY. BAD. Half my time was spent trying to figure out a) what to do and b) why on earth they made it so difficult to understand.

There are some socks on the needles but I have not been feeling very sock-ish lately.

It is time for the Knitting Olympics and I think I am up to it. I just began a new blouse, so that is out, but I went exploring in the yarn stash and found the makings of Irtfa'a squirrelled away in a drawer. I have the yarn all wound up and ready to go - Claudia Handpaints in Black Walnut. I am pretty sure I can find some needles around here somewhere *eyeroll* 16 days is a pretty big challenge, but the cable guy comes tomorrow so maybe I can actually watch the Olympics while knitting.

Off to Knitting Night, new blouse yarn in tow. Then a quick stop to buy batteries (for the wireless mouse. what were you thinking?) and some groceries and life will be perfect. I think the Dickens festival is this weekend, so I may wander by. And the Cheesies have a raid/fondue party on Saturday. I hope it is done before the cable guy shows up. Otherwise it is a wave of the hand at the wall with the hookup and "can't talk, boss fight" for him.

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