Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Success! I have finally figured out how to use the lucet (lucette) I picked up at the handweaver's show a couple weekends ago. It took several viewings of a couple different YouTube videos before I cracked it, but now I am merrily making cord. It is so rythmic that I find it difficult to stop.

Almost done with Martha's sweater - just finishing up the neck band and then I need to tackle the sewing up. Not my favorite part, but I have my eyes on the prize - a finished object for my good (and cold) friend.

Another lightweight day at work today. I could get used to this. Looks like we will have Thanksgiving off, but will be working that Friday and Saturday for month end. Whee.

In the pet realm, the dogs got a treat of canned food tonight and I am still on "shed watch" for the snake. She is growing up so fast!

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