Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cheep Entertainment

The newest clutch of baby cockatiels has come out quite nicely. I found two fluffy yellow jelly beans in the nest box back on February 17th, long after I had given up hope for a clutch this spring. They grew up fast and suddenly these sweet faces: Had become these poised and sophisticated young ladies:

The lower pictures were taken just this past Monday. I am particularly excited to have a cinnamon pied in this clutch. The cinnamon in the last clutch was fantastic and this is even more beautiful. The poor normal grey looks quite dowdy in comparison, but she is a lovely shade of slate and recovered well from an accident a few weeks ago which left her missing a toe.

I thought I had some names picked out last night, but I seem to have forgotten them already. Perhaps Iris for the pearl and ... I have no idea for the other one.

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