Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Hope

Peerie, 2/21
A few weeks ago I had a really difficult week. I was missing Dozer, I had just lost Kiwi, I gave away two cockatiels, work was stressful, the sky was still dark all the time and I was just really sad.  I had the other birds, the cats, Holly the new dog, but it was not a good situation.

I saw someone with a pet rat over at the Dickens Festival (we were sitting in the spinning booth) and got the idea that it was finally, finally time to become a rat owner again.  After Dixie passed away in 2002 it was just too painful to think about replacing her.  But now the idea of a little warm furball on my shoulder seemed right. 

Enter Peerie, a young rat from the feeder tank at the pet store.  He joined the family on 2/9 and was about a month old.
Peerie, 2/16
He is handsome, friendly, curious and (as of Friday) clean and good smelling.  Yesterday we graduated to him riding on my shoulder while I walked Holly around the block. 

I have been much happier in the last few weeks, work has been a little better, the pets are still bad but that is nothing new.  I still snuggle the cats & dog all the time, but this little rat has really filled an empty place in my heart.  I hope we have a good future together. 

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