Thursday, March 07, 2013

WIP Wonderland

Everywhere I turn I see a partially completed knitting project.  Today I stuck to working on the cowl at work as the pattern was the simplest one.  The scarf got stuck on a cable and the socks are at the ankle / heel and very tricky just now.  In addition, the sock pattern has not been printed out so I can work on them only when I am actually sitting at the computer.

However, the mushers are still mushing on the Iditarod trail so I will work for a couple hours on the socks tonight.  I am at that place where I think they are too small, so hate to "waste" the effort in proceeding, but don't want to rip back to the toe.  At least it isn't snowing.


Acorn to Oak said...

I was feeling the same many WIPs. So, I've been trying very hard to stick to them to try to get them finished. I even handed off a bag of yarn and pattern to my mom to let her make something I had started but really wasn't enjoying. I was making them things for two of my aunts (my mom's sisters) and my mom really wanted to make this pattern. she can. :-) That's one less WIP glaring at me. I've been working on finishing a lace scarf lately but the ball of yarn was seeming like it wasn't shrinking. But, as of yesterday, I think I'm starting to see the end. It'll feel so good to get another one done. I'll need to dig deep for enthusiasm to get working on another one. lol Good luck with your WIPs and your Iditerod (sp?) project. Have a great weekend!

Pickyknitter said...

Keep on knitting! We will slog thru these things somehow!