Monday, September 30, 2013

WoW weekend: part the second

I have played so much WoW this month. I am really getting my free subscription's worth.  My good friend started playing, so I had to start a character to help her along. We are 36 now.  I have been trying to add some experience to my little army of alts and keep their professions current. And of course there is Brewfest to enjoy!

I am also trying to get in some knitting; I made a crap ton of washcloths (at least 6) this month plus some blanket squares that seem to have disappeared and a pair of fingerless mitts for my aunt in Colorado.  The pattern was really fun & easy; I think there will be more in my future... if I can find the project bag. 

Holly the Wonder Spaniel and I started agility classes this month and that has been really interesting. I think I need way more training than she does.  In other pet news my elderly rabbit passed away. He must have been pushing 10.  The guinea pig looks a little lonely but I have no plans to add a friend.  The inn is full. Maybe I will move the rat cage near her so they can stare at each other through the bars.

That's about it for September.  On to October!

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