Sunday, March 01, 2015

Marching On

Wellll I meant to blog every day last month but seem to have gotten off track.  A quick recap:

The baby birds are doing well.  They are both normal grays, but left baby has cute spangles on her (?) feathers and right baby does not.  They aren't pearls, they are just spangles and I have no idea why some of the chicks get them and some do not.  She also has a lot more bright yellow on her face.  They are both becoming sweet and trusting. They weren't perching yesterday, but it will be soon.
babies, 2/28/2015
On the 7th the Yarnover Truck came around and I picked up some scrumptious yarn.  This will be Fox Paws, a wrap that is all the rage.  I love that Brick color so much and built the project around it.  The Aubergine is pretty amazing as well.
Yarn for Fox Paws
Janet came out from LA to see the truck & we had lunch and beer as well.  She brought a box of spinning fiber & yarn from someone who is moving and deleting her stash.  I am keeping a little of the yarn and all the fiber, there is some really good stuff in there.

 I did some plying of finished yarns; here is 409 yards of 3 ply Polwarth.  It is very soft and squishy and matches well with the green from last month.
Handspun- Bradford Pear Leaf
 This is 2 ply Corriedale. I tried to do a "fractal" spin by first splitting the roving in half and then splitting the other half in two.  I haven't decided how I feel about it yet or what project it should go to.  419 yards in this one.
Handspun - Scarab
I also met Ruth for lunch on Valentine's Day (mmm Marie Callendar's), went to the Dickens festival the next weekend and then got my new Diablo 3 seasonal character to 70.  Love my monk!  Also took a basket of yarn from the destash to donate to the No Idle Hands group, happily it all got taken by the end of the day.  I've gotten back into audiobooks and am slacking with the housecleaning, but am trying not to backslide too much.  Just today I did laundry, a ton of dishes and also started lasagna in the slow cooker.

Ah, one last thing: I finally finished my Catkin on Friday. Just need to wash and block.  Also restarted CeCe today.  All these UFOs... taking a month off from HCKC group has allowed me to finish existing things.

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