Saturday, February 06, 2016

Wild and Free

It was time to get out and about and unwind from the crazy week at work. I dusted off my zoo membership card, checked and found out I could still get free parking at the Wild Animal Park, grabbed my re-fillable cup and hit the road.

First stop was the flamigos, of course, followed by an aviary.  The scarlet ibis are my new love - pink of course.  Next I headed up to the bird show.  I was a little early so I watched the lemurs and lorikeets for a while.  The bird show was excellent - lots of free flying and an interview with an African Grey.   The milky eagle owl was amazing as well.  

After the bird show it was down the hill to the tram ride.   There was lots of quality knitting-while-waiting time and the ride did not disappoint.  All 4 cheetahs were out, the screaming children eventually settled down and the tour was quite nice.

Post tram ride I started to wander back to the front.  I went past more flamingos (the creepy red-eye ones are less creepy in person).  I found the warthogs by accident.  I was going to pass by but a keeper was telling someone about the bat-eared foxes and I perked right up.   I watched the hogs for a long time (they were very interesting until nap time when 2 lay together and then 3 lay together, each set in a perfect line by decreasing size).  Finally gave up on the foxes (they are more nocturnal) and went around the corner.   To my delight, through a break in the trees I could see the other side of the enclosure and a flash of movement. The little bastards all came out as soon as I'd left.  I watched for a while, then crept back to the front and watched them for a long time,  walking, barking, sunning themselves and generally being awesome.  They are super furry with spindly legs; much like shetland sheep with huge ears and pointy noses.  After that were the okapi (so plush looking) and the secretary birds.

I circled around past the tram and headed up toward the elephants but took a long break to look over the savannah vista.  There were a bunch of rhinos out, some pretty antelope and even some entertaining people.   Then it was a last push up to the elephants (and more quality knitting time).  They were pleasant to watch and then there was the sex.  Well, OK then, elephants, you go at it. I'll just stand here.  Hearing the trumpeting was cool though.

Finally it was time to think about leaving.  Up past the chinchillas (missed the baby tiger), watched the bats for a while in the bat house,  refilled my soda and hit the flamingo pond to knit and watch until closing time.  A little coot who was resting by my bench made a good companion.

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