Monday, October 08, 2007

Little Miss Sunburn

Ow. Ow. Ow. My poor little nose. At least I didn't get burned until the last race. Darn those Trans-Ams! The windburn is starting to ease, though.

Otherswise, a good time was had by all. Amazingly, I managed to catch up to Mr. Fixit around Encinitas and followed him the rest of the way to Coronado. There was a little excitement when a tire blew out on the motorhome just as we were coming down off the Coronado Bridge, but it happened in a "good" spot where we could pull out of traffic and feel safe. Ish. It was man vs. Winnebago, but Mr. Fixit prevailed and we were rolling again shortly, headed right for the reception and cocktails.

Saturday dawned bright and cheery, and it was off to practice for The Boys. Jamie had a little issue with the Berkeley, and had to spend the rest of the day tinkering with it, but it was up and running by that evening. Mr. Fixit raced the little red racecar and I was impressed as always. To unwind, we went into town in the evening and had some pizza (Village Pizza in Coronado *yum*) and some beer and generally had a grand time.

Sunday was more practice and more racing. This time I knitted on Mandy's sweater (SG1) during the morning and after lunch I stayed in the stands and watched races for most of the afternoon. They are getting more and more interesting as I understand them better and can keep track of what is going on. It also helps to have good earplugs so that I am not in pain or deaf by the end of the day. I finished the first Rum Runner sock Saturday morning, and continued working on #2 while I watched. I finished the toe and 6" of foot by the end of the weekend! Gotta love that stockinette foot. It was fun to have people come up and ask what I was making and / or reveal that they too are knitters. I saw one woman quilting! I am threatening to start a group called the "Crosley Crafters" for interested parties.

After all the cars ran, it was time to go to the reception, which was swanky as usual. They take good care of their drivers! The USS Ronald Regan was our host and after the awards ceremony and nibbles we got to wander around the flight deck and ask questions. Mr. Fixit was enthralled and I was wishing for my knitting, but it wasn't too cold or windy, and I learned lots of neat things, so it was still a good time. I even saw a shooting star.

We each made it home safely, tired but happy after a fun weekend. I didn't hit all of my knitting goals, but I made some progress and I got to spend lots of quality time with Mr. Fixit, which is always my favorite part of the weekend. Even better than admiring the Tiger Sunbeam. Way to go, dear!

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Anonymous said...

So what did your therapist have to say? It seems as if you've lost a little of yourself over the past couple of months. You used to speak more of yoga, your dieting, your thoughts. You exuded a lot of personality. Just concerned, and hope you are able to stay on what I thought was a very proactive course.