Thursday, August 28, 2008

Haiku Thursday

"Tea Towels"
Spin and weave cotton,
Advance the warp - wind up cloth,
Too nice to dry dishes.

I hear Grandma:"Don't
put it down, put it away".
I find the house nicer.

It grows, but each week
The gardener whacks away
My little chive plant.

Fodder thin today,
No pictures no updates. Sigh.
Must play "Diner Dash".


Acorn to Oak said...

I love Haiku!

I especially love the one about the gardener and the chives! :-)

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks for the tip about the "Panopticon" blog. The "Fibertarian" stuff is pretty cool! :) I Can't wait to see his book coming out in October. I love the comic on the front. It's adorable. :-)