Friday, August 01, 2008

Sunny Skies

Things are looking up today. The most I have to complain about is the dog (mine) that barks incessantly. At something, at nothing, when hungry, when full, when outside, when in. At 4am I finally had to get her away from the door, to see a truck backing out of our parking lot. 4am!?! Maybe I will try walking her. The other dog plays fetch, but Sunny just... barks. You know what they say; "a tired dog is a good dog".

I put my spinning wheel in the car today and plan on toodling over to the knit shop to be distraction-free. Tonight is also movie / pizza night (come over and bring $10) and I think I am supposed to bring "Casablanca". If I can get the merino / silk off the bobbin, I can go back to spinning for sale. The distractions at home are endless; tv, dishes, knitting, cross-stitch, shushing the dog, napping. It is such a hard life.

No new pictures (sorry), but some knitting has occurred. The Rainbow Sherbet socks are in the car and they go with me to the therapist, knitting night and while waiting for the train. The Berroco socks (did I name them? I forget) are into the twill pattern. I am having some problems with it, mostly when i try to reverse the twill. Also, I have a feeling the pattern is not going to be stretchy enough. I will have to knit another inch or so before I will know for sure. I added a row to Icarus the other night and then promptly dropped a stitch and had to rip out that row and the one before. Note to self: do not knit lace during reality tv.

I actually made it to yoga last night (by accident, really) and it was nice. I apparently have forgotten how to breathe and how to relax, so I will have to keep going back if I expect any change. Such a sacrifice. We did get to do my favorite asana, which I can never remember the name of. An internet search isn't helping. Anyway, it is the one asana that I can do really well and looks fancy. I am sure pride isn't the point of a yoga practice, but believe me there is little self confidence in several of the other postures!

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