Saturday, February 14, 2009

High Octane

"What Valentine's Candy?"

It has been one heck of a week. When I come out from under my rock, I come OUT. I joined an online social networking site this week and have found some long lost friends. Suddenly I crave updates about everyone ("no phone calls, please"). I want to put my best face forward on the site (much like I try to do on the blog)(no, really) and focus on the happy positive things, but as I read about friends who have grown up, created careers, marriages, kids and everything else I am left feeling inadequate and sad-sad-sad. I feel left out and left behind. Can I grieve for the loss of the images I had of these friends as they were in high school? college? Are they putting their best face forward too?

I have been at the Winter Lace Conference this weekend and am having a good time. A spot opened up in the class I would have wanted to attend and I found myself winding bobbins until 1am last night. The project is well underway and going swimmingly. It is nice to visit with friends, but I was really ready for some quite time at the end of the day. The commute is a killer but worth it to relax with the furry family and bring the rabbit inside (it has been freezing the last few nights). I will take pictures of my lacy progress tomorrow when I have something to show!
I thought I had more, exciting news, but I was apparently deluding myself. Hope you all have a great V-Day / Black Saturday and stay warm and dry.


Brenda said...

Everybody has troubles and disappointments - few have time to wallow in self-pity.

Acorn to Oak said...

Try not to let it get you down...they're all putting their best faces forward any of the not so good stuff in their lives probably won't be shown or talked about. We've all got that. But, we all want people to see the good stuff so that's what we show. I'm impressed with a lot of stuff you do and I don't even know you all that well. So, don't worry. You're awesome!

Can't wait to see your lace!

Anonymous said...