Sunday, November 01, 2009

High Fiber Diet

Well, we carpooled to the SoCal Handweavers' show and sale today and had a great time. It seems like I saw every friend I have - I suppose that happens when you surround yourself with spinners. There were some new vendors with some very yummy roving and yarn, but I managed (barely) to contain myself to only spending my gift certificate. Picked up a back issue of Spin Off and some Finn roving (which is nigh on impossible to find) in white, of course. As usual, almost all the fiber and yarn that I loved beyond reason was natural colored (white / brown /gray). Gee, I have plenty of that! Anyway, the place was jam packed and the vendors were selling as fast as they could.

It was fun to talk knitting / spinning in the car on the way there; I didn't even think about working on my sweater during the ride. We talked about novelty yarns and then ran into John Pitblado who teaches a novelty yarn class - what luck! We will have to have him come out and teach a Riverspinners class. I think having a rigid heddle weaving class is also on the table. And a party. I am going through cream puff withdrawl.

Saturday will be the Lace Day - I will have to see about carpooling and maybe volunteering. I have been lace free since February (boy it seems like a hundred years ago) and it will be nice to dip my toes back in the pool.

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