Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Knitting continues on the Wallaby. I managed to write the directions down wrong and had to rip out all of the pocket and re-do the decreases, but have re-knit it correctly and am well into new yarn now. I am really happy with it so far but almost wish it was some bright shiny color instead of natural brown. The next one, maybe. It was so much fun to sit and knit with Linda and the ladies at the store this afternoon. We talked about Movie Night, about having a holiday party / open house and about having a Winter Knitting Olympics.

Tomorrow I have a new knitting student. I am very excited to steer someone down this path. Now I just need to find my handbasket...

I had another interview today and hope to hear back next week. This position is exactly what I love to do and excel at. It is close to home and a relaxed environment. Fingers and knitting needles crossed.

Mama cat has finally decided (after 7 months) that pettings are good and that I distribute them. Now she follows me everywhere for snuggling and stroking. Luckily she is soft and floofy.

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