Sunday, September 26, 2010

Starting Over

Well I guess instead of feeling guilty about falling behind in my blogging, I should just start again.

It is hot today. 111 degrees hot. After a week in the climate controlled office, it am feeling a little wilted. I just sprayed down the cockatiels but they seem to have air dried already - time for another round. Baby # 3 I sold to a coworker who loved her greatly, but she died suddenly Friday night. Sigh. Baby #2 is apparently a male, as he is talking, mumbling and singing more and more each day. Lately I have been wondering if he has an "off" button. Mustardseed was bitten by the dog (my fault), but her foot has healed nicely and she will be fine. Mama cat escaped a couple weeks ago, but I caught her last night. Beaker had his first birthday on Monday and has learned to say "here kitty kitty".

There has been knitting - I have two finished pairs of socks to show off and then two and a half single socks. It turns out that drinking and knitting do go together.

Time to run a tub full of icy water and submerge myself!

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Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like things are going well. Sorry to hear about the loss of the one baby bird though. goes with knitting? I've been afraid to try it for fear that I might end up with a big mess I'd have to figure out later. Maybe I should give it a try! ;-) Stay cool! I guess today is suppose to be even hotter...if that's possible...I'm a little scared! Take care!