Monday, September 27, 2010


I love the new post over on Acorn to Oak. I scrolled down to the KNS sign and got all misty eyed. I forget how much I miss it and then wonder how we go on knitting without it. I peeped in the window yesterday... the new shop has moved in. Shopping there would still seem like a betrayal, methinks. And I have plenty of stash.

Knit a few rows on a washcloth today at lunch. The blue socks are on hold while I search for my missing #1 needle.

It was another scorcher today, but I tried to enjoy it. I will long for the heat around December. The cavies and rabbits will be glad to see the back of the heat though; Lola looks like a pig over a barrel when she lays on her frozen water bottle. I will be surprised if she does not get frostbite in her pig-pits.

As for knitting & sipping wine - I suggest you start slowly. Perhaps a white wine spritzer and a garter stitch scarf!

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Lenora said...

Life moves on, does it not? With this Hades of a heat wave, I am thinking that flopping across a hunk of ice is just the ticket!