Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As you may have noticed, I am... mercurial. So far this week has been full of unnecessary and self-imposed stress over things that should have been better planned months ago. Bleh.

Walked the dogs last night and gave Sunny another grooming session (she is not a big fan). I found a very suspicious lump under one of her teats. This was not an old dog warty thing or a friendly fatty tumor. This feels... bad. Really bad. Going to have to put the dog to sleep bad. I will have to ply her with bits of banana and pieces of chicken more often. Food is love, as we all know.

It is month-end at work, and seems to be decently busy this month. Overtime = $$$ and I won't say no to that.

Time to stare at the loom for a while as if I am going to weave and then go to bed early. 5:30 wake up call is harder than it seems.

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