Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weaving a Life

Feeling better today. I walked the dogs for a couple blocks last night (the old one is so slow that any further is not possible) and promptly slept for twelve hours.

I spent some time weaving yesterday; I have run through all the samples in my sampler and began a small tea towel. So far, so good. If I stop for too long, the cats sleep on the castle and I am stuck, as it is a jack loom. I was also pleased with myself for fixing my threading error.

Walked Dozer to the store and got some staples; flour, sugar (for bread), spaghetti, yogurt, cereal, bananas. This is my life. Gas is down to $3.99 at the corner gas station - I will have to swing by there later. Luckily the parakeets have resigned themselves to eating pelleted food, as I am out of budgie seed.

I don't know why I am happier today, but being a 5 instead of an 8 or 9 on the depression scale is much more pleasant. Maybe I will take Beaker out to the porch today for some fresh air and I will read to him.

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