Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Knitting on the Iron Horse

Quite good progress for a morning's knitting today. It feels good to have yarn in the hands again. Techniques are coming back to me slowly, so I am glad ths is an easy and forgiving project. My major success was working out / remembering how to carry the off color yarn up the side of the work. I wasn't too sure about pink and green together (I keep having flashbacks to 1987), but I think they are working really well. They are also slightly variegated, which adds a lot of visual interest.

I seriously despair that I will have enough yarn, but I always feel that way at the beginning of a lace project.

Break time is over - back to the salt mines!


Acorn to Oak said...

I really like these two colors together and the little stripes are really cute! :-)

Lenora said...

OOOh. That pink & green looks like summer sherbet.

Pickyknitter said...

Thank you! I am very pleased with it so far. The stripes are one row across, one row back - easy peasy! The hard part is remember to carry the opposite color up one row so it is in the right place for its turn.