Sunday, August 07, 2011

Knit Game Read

It doesn't have the same "oomph" as _Eat Pray Love_ , but _Knit Game Read_ is a much more accurate view of my activities!

I finished the body of Martha's sweater today and just need to knit & sew the neckband, seam the sleeves, work in my ends, wash, block and de-cathair it. Done by the end of the week!

I got so excited that I put in two rows on the same sweater for myself tonight. It is far behind but I am re-motivated to work on it.

The "Owlie" mittens are wayyyy behind schedule and I balled the yarn for Margaret's fingerless mitts only last night. These are each small projects, but my knitting time seems to have evaporated.

Lots of overtime at work these past few weeks and it showed in my check. It will be a relief to be caught up with AAA, electric, gas and grocery bills. Not enough left over for yarn (the electric bill hase gone up $30 a month in static fees - before the variable of electric usage), but enough for mango ice cream as a treat. Yum.

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this is going to be random, but i have no other way of contacting you. i was taken aback by the shawl in the movie "stardust", did a google search, and found a comment you left on franklin's blog from like 2 years ago about it.

do you have any idea what that pattern is? i MUST know!