Sunday, May 11, 2014

Glamp Loopy

It is time for Camp Loopy again and I am all prepared. Our theme is to pick a project that is based on a book or movie (or TV series) and which uses about 400 yards.  I have also been mulling over what project to make to remember Fritti Kitty.  They and a well-timed birthday gift certificate converged and I will make a Tailchaser's Affection.   The hard part now is waiting for the cast on date (6/1)

There is plenty else to do while I am waiting, however.  I have been making lots of blanket squares for the Steampunk Blanket and the end of that project is in sight after two years.  The red socks for Martha passed the last fitting and now I can knit with impunity.  I would like to get the spinning wheel(s) spruced up and ready for the Tour de Fleece and I also have quite a pile of half finished projects staring at me.  Dogkin, Juno Regina, Irtfa'a, and CeCe for starters.

A processed polwarth fleece found a new home with me and I realised that it would make a nice 3 ply for a Sky Ladder blanket... it could be a busy spinning/ knitting summer.

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Acorn to Oak said...

Those yarn colors are so pretty! I'll be excited to see your finished project. I hopped over to see what Camp Loopy was all about. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately, it requires yarn either from them or kinds they sell. I'm trying to be on a strict yarn diet to work through some stash and I'm not sure I have anything they sell. I'll check to see though. It might be a good way to get through some stash if I do because I'll have deadlines. :-)