Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Spinning

I am supposed to be finishing the red socks but have found myself doing a lot of spinning the last couple of weeks.  I plied 3 oz of angora singles, spun & plied a couple puffs of a purple wool blend and started the pink silk batt yesterday.

I have to report that spinning a soft and fluffy batt of pure silk is an amazing thing.  Most of my prior silk experience has been with hankies or top / sliver and it is slippery and compressed or drifts apart and flies away.  Figuring how to get into the batt took a few moments, but once I ripped off a strip and started spinning, it went very well.  Also... a little goes a long, long way.  I am still only halfway through the strip I pulled off last night!  The batt is from Lambtown a few years ago and is a lovely mauve color. The shop specializes in natural dyes.

 One puff spun, one puff to go
 Both mini skiens. It sure does compress!
 The angora skein, about 350 yards
2.25 oz of wool / silk blend from Ruth N. It might be next on the spindle after the mauve silk.

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