Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beach Day

On a whim, I asked a friend if I could join her on a beachcombing adventure. Happily, the answer was yes and we had a lovely visit and trip to a beach by her house.

We investigaed tide pools - anemones! hermit crabs! kelp! - and looked between the rocks for he treasure of the day: sea glass.  We found quite a few likely pieces and I learned how to judge when one is "ready" and when one needs more time in the ocean to get a lovely patina and texture.

I also found a pretty cowrie shell, a hag stone (a rock with a hole that goes all the way through) and an interesting piece of coral.  We checked to make sure it was long dead, it bounced around in my pocket with the other rocks & glass, the family examined it when we returned, it waited on the counter while we had drinks, dinner, dessert and coffee and it wasn't until I was walking out the door that I saw the little notch in the underside... with a very irritated hermit crab in residence!   Jen ran him back to the sea and I hope he will be fine. I could have sworn I checked that peice a hundred times. Well, a dozen times anyway.

It was a really great adventure & visit and I think there will be more beachcombing in my future.

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Anonymous said...

It WAS a good day. We'll go again, I promise. Next time BRING GIN!!