Friday, October 24, 2014

Winding Down

It is a quiet week here at Chez Picky.  Work has been mostly calm, home has been mostly calm, weather has been warm & calm.  Finished a soap order, finished a pair of socks, started some fingerless gloves.

My sweet Billy Bird is winding down, though.  All week he has been quiet and sleepy.  he eats, drinks, preens and moves from the floor of the cage to the perches, but is sleeping a lot and even lets me pet his head - he must be feeling poorly.  He is at least 24 years old and that is a good age for a cockatiel.   His lady Peaseblossom and I are both giving him extra attention but I am not sure he will be with us too much longer.  He has been an excellent birdie & his talents include saying he is a pretty bird and mangling "The Entertainer".

The foster kittens are settling in at last and the dog is almost letting me sleep through the night.  They love watching the parrot and the rat loves chasing them around the bedroom.

Tonight it is time to hang out with my birds and rest up for work tomorrow.

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