Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Burst of Energy

It was relatively quiet at work today so I scampered off early.  I think I may have actually hit every single thing on my to do list.

  • lunch
  • catboxes
  • finish library book
  • return library book
  • order book club book
  • drop off book donation
  • laundry
  • pick up cat food from vet
  • fix the knitting issue with Catkin
  • buy drain cleaner and milk
  • clear drain
  • spin yarn 90 min
  • feed cats
... and it's only quarter to 8pm.  I still have to pay the rent but I really think I did a great job. 

Funny story: the kitten likes to leap from the top of the parrot cage to the bed and then bounce sideways to the floor instead of the 4 foot drop straight down.  Today she lept... and banked off my back as I was leaning down.  Kitty went flying, poor dear. 

No one is in the cat bed by the bookshelf tonight, they must have called a musical cat beds truce.  

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