Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, that was a good evening. First order of business was visiting a friend on the way home. She's taking some time to care for a family member and I miss her at the office.  Flowers & coffee cake saved the day. It was still light out at 5pm when I left and for a good while after... it is nice to have warm, bright afternoons again.

Decided tonight would be a fine night to visit with the birdies. Found two 4-5 day old cockatiels in the nestbox and an egg with a hole making pipping noises. I hope the 3rd one makes it and is not too far behind the others in development.  Fed the family some warm mixed veggies, cleaned all the cages, then sat down with some Star Wars and my dutch double drive wheel and attempted to get it moving.

After much fiddling, it is running and spinning was achieved. It still needs some work: dusting & cleaning the wood, finding a better drive band and figuring out how to either shim the legs or attach rubber feet (or both). I have to put it on blocks to use it as the nadir of the footman is lower that floor level. It's pretty frustrating, but I am glad I stuck with it and I am sure more practice will help.

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