Monday, March 28, 2016

Forest Hideaway

These green socks have been finished for a while and I think they came out quite well.
I improvised the pattern.  I thought it would be nice to do a travelling rib but then I got bored and went back to stockinette. I continued 3 ribs down each leg to make an angled path though. How they came out two different shades of green I haven't quite figured out yet.  The yarn was in the stash for a few years before the perfect project came along, maybe the outside got a little bleached.

It rained a bit overnight and the sky has been full of interesting clouds today.  Blue sky and sunshine can, in fact, be boring.

Galen (the 17 year old cat) is still with us.  He takes up most of my time and attention thse days with medication, fluids, special diet. and his general love of being petted.  It sucks that he is getting old and infirm but it must be worse to be him (this evening was another where he ate dinner then puked it all back up).  He is extra soft today after getting fluids last night .
Feb 13 2016 

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