Monday, March 14, 2016

Sledding Along

Happy Pi Day!

Tonight's big achievement was getting fluids into Galen (the cat) on my own. I like it when the vet does it and while $8 a treatment isn't too expensive it has been adding up.  He has been looking much peppier over the last couple of weeks.  Using pill pockets to get his meds into him and staying more current with fluids is really helping.  His coat is super soft and shiny and he is interested in his surroundings.  I found the heating pad and it has been pressed into use.  The weekend was chilly and rainy so it came in handy.

Knitting is progress, albeit slowly.  I have started to replace knitting time with Diablo 3 time and there's only so many hours in a day.  I will finish the Sledding Joy socks for sure but don't think I'll be able to turn in the brown socks on time.  Partial points are still points. Soar Ravenclaw!

Sad news out of the Iditarod - someone on a snowmobile tried to run down two teams and killed a dog.   The mushers are still mushing but it is very sad.

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