Monday, September 05, 2016

And So It Goes...

Life here at Chez Picky continues to pass.  Galen's memory is a fond one but mostly the other cats are filling the gap (except for a moment this morning when I was cutting up cooked chicken and went to give him a pill).

The big cats (formerly known as the kittens) are slowly coming out of their shells although none are as greedy for attention as Galen.  But they will sleep by my and meow to be petted.  Bingo has learned to jump on my lap and also is moving into Galen's old space on the computer chair.  I think I have given up all hope of giving ayway the baby kitten; she has taken over Galen's old duties and emotion-checking cat and walking on the keyboard-cat.  She may be only a few months old but she rules with an iron paw.  Even the dog is in line.

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