Friday, December 08, 2006

Well, apparently I have a funny idea of when "tomorrow" is, because many weeks have passed since my last post. Sorry. I am working away at the holiday knitting - 2 pairs of socks are done and a 3rd is in the works, but progressing slowly. It is so pretty, I think that I don't want the yarn to end. No pictures until after the holidays!!

Today is payday, so tonight I will also be working away at the holiday shopping. I hope everyone likes soap, so that I can finish my shopping down in the basement. *hahahhaha* I thought I might post a couple items I would like to have, if anyone is so inclined. I have a lot of stuff already, so donations to Heifer International or another worthy cause would be super too.

heifer international

Any sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe would be welcome - click the button on the sidebar. Sheri (the owner) knows just what I like. I am a big big fan of Fleece Artist.

Lord of the Rings box set

Fawlty Towers complete series

"Japa" (CD) by Dave Stringer Japa

"Parcel of Rogues" (CD) by Steeleye Span Parcel of Rogues

I have a lot of fiber, but no bison roving

It might get cold this winter and this would keep me warm: Kimiko

In other news, The Soap Plantation has its last show of the year on Saturday in Riverside. We will be at the Riverspinners Holiday Party (6515 Clay St) from 10-4.

Janel from Spindlicity and Plantation Productions have been working feverishly on The Alaska Cruise and are taking reservations NOW. Come join in the fun!

Finally, I have a secret (but not for long) - I am going on a vacation for Yule. Just me and.... me. Here's a hint...

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