Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The best laid plans....

Well, there was no exciting trip to Big Sur. Instead there was a lazy weekend full of TV, knitting, visiting, and eating. Let's weigh the pros and cons, shall we?

Not Driving to Big Sur: Con - It is gorgeous and I missed it. Pro - I didn't spend $200 in gas this weekend.

Not Camping in Winter: Con - It is deserted and gorgeous and I would have had some fun without electricity. Pro - It is awfully nice to wake up all snuggled under a bunch of blankets and then walk to the kitchen barefoot to make tea.

Not Visiting Morro Fleece Works: Con - I didn't get to visit with Shari and I didn't get to drop off that Romney fleece that is taking up half of the closet. Pro - I will save $20 in gas by mailing the damn thing.

Knitting: Con - in Big Sur it was 65 degrees. Pro - in Riverside it was upwards of 80 outside and room temperature inside Knit N Stitch (where I practically took up residence this weekend).

So I am pretty happy with the quiet weekend I had.

Christmas Goodies....
Outgoing - The first batch of knitted socks was well received, I am pleased to say. I was quite nervous that they would not fit / be appreciated and I can rest easy on both counts now. Half the stuff I collected for presents is still at the house, awaiting gift wrap and packaging and addressing and mailing. Maybe by tomorrow. Don't they say that Christmas should last all year?

Incoming - I made out like a bandit. Pet treats, a new can opener, a fabulous dress-'em-up lawn flamingo (inherited from my Uncle Jon which makes it extra special!), some awesome North Ronaldsay roving (the spinning has already begun) from Pat in anticipation of our impending venture to Scotland, some very nice gift cards, and a spectacular one-of-a-kind picture for my wall here at work. A triptych, really, of bat eared foxes, a leopard, and black backed jackals, from Mandy's friend's trip to Africa. They are professional photographers and made this up for me special *sniff*.

I heard about The Compact (http://sfcompact.blogspot.com/) on NPR and I think 2007 will be the year I try to get rid of a bunch of stuff cluttering up the house. I don't know if I can make the full commitment (buying nothing brand new for a year), but I am willing to make some deep cuts in my consumption! I will try to get some outgoing barter items listed here, or on spindlers, or on ebay / craigslist soon. 2006 was the year of buying stuff because I can finally afford it - but now I see that just because I can, doesn't mean I have to (or should).

Hope your holiday is / has been special to you too.

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