Thursday, December 20, 2007


I feel kindof funny this afternoon, like there is a big depressing *something* that is looming over me, when in reality I have the evening to myself. There should be a "House" dvd in the mailbox, I can put a pie in the oven, I can let the rabbit hop around the kitchen and freak out the cats. Those are all good things. I am even going to get a haircut tonight (don't get excited, it is just a trim). It is cloudy, gray, and drizzly this afternoon and that may have something to do with it. Perhaps i need a poinsetta in my future. Every year I buy one, and every year I keep it alive until July when we have a heatwave, and then I have to get another. I always think it will last the whole year. I can keep things alive - my secretary's day chrysanthemum is 3 years old and doing fine.

I had to rip out Mandy's sweater body yesterday, as there was a twist in it. Sigh. It is all the more frustrating because I checked 3 or 4 times that the cast on row was not twisted before I joined the first time. I rejoined today and knit several rows at lunch. Now I am checking it every 8 stitches to make sure it is still right. I put in my lucky stitch markers and I am hoping for the best.

I delivered the blue scarf last night and Danny put it on. That is a high knitting compliment! I stayed for yoga class and had a nice, stretchy time. I tweaked something in my knee, but have been babying it today and it should feel better soon. I can still only manage to make it to yoga once a week lately, but at least I can do that! It always makes me feel good before (to see everyone) and after (on that yoga high), but there is a place in the middle of class where I sometimes get cranky and frustrated. But I breathe and breathe and breathe some more and it always passes. If only I could remember to do that in "real life" too.

I have been all caught up at work and that is a very odd feeling. I like having some backlog. It is the same reason I always have some pet "works in progress" in the knitting pile. If everything is finished and there is nothing on the needles I think the universe might just stop! Maybe it makes me feel useful and needed to have projects pending.

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