Friday, December 28, 2007

Weekend Plans

Knitting. Knitting. More knitting. Oh, and maybe some "House" :) The GLASG meeting (and holiday party) is Saturday from 9-2 and I will be there with soap, if anyone cares to come smell. The soap. I think I will bring some spinning to do - it has been sorely neglected because it is easier to knit under the covers than to spin under the covers. The Spinning Studio (we really need a catchier name) will be open from 6-9 tonight (Friday). I am going to bring my charkha and video for some practice and maybe instruction.

I have been chipping away at Mandy's sweater. It is a sea of "wisteria". I have been spoiled with variegated and handpainted yarns lo these many years. I am still at an easy section of the pattern, so it is my stoplight knitting. It just should not take me 5 months to finish a sweater! Thank the gods that I did the sleeves first or she would be getting a very funny looking vest.

I realized the other day that I still have not seamed / sewn Petal together. I am a process knitter, as soon as the knitting portion is done, I lose interest. Maybe finishing it should be my reward after I finish the other one.

Icarus is going slowly - it is my Tuesday night lace class project, so I only knit at the speed of my student so that it is easy to demonstrate the tricky bits. Slow is OK. I started a second one here a while back, and it is AWOL, so I may tidy up the yarn areas and look for it to work on.

I am putting off the Irtfa'a project for a little while longer - I want to make one in black of course, but I was thinking that one in barn owl colors would be neat too. Rich reds, browns, and grays for the top portion and light browns and creams for the lower portion and border.

I worked on my milanese lace moon over the long weekend and finished the arch section. I am ready for the uber-scary scroll turn and then the sewings to join the beginning and end and then the filling and then the framing. Whee! Then I can start the torchon fan and in February start the milanese heart at the Winter Lace Conference. Lacing is not difficult, but I can't stir up the passion for it that knitting and spinning do, so it is hard to get motivated. It is one of those hobbies (like tatting, weaving and quiliting) that I only do when I am with someone else that does it or at a guild meeting. If I worked harder and was more secure in my skills, I might do it more often on my own.

I go to see the therapist today. I used to think poorly of people who saw a therapist every day, many times a week, even weekly, but I think I may need to become one of them. My appointments are erratic (esp bcs of the holidays) and 10 days is just too long to go without.

Yoga continues on Wednesdays. That is all I can manage right now and I just have to be OK with that, although I think I can squeeze in a class on Sunday this week. I like the stories and books excerpts that Martha chooses for us. They always seem very appropriate to things in my life that week. Either she is amazing (well, duh) or I have a lot of issues to choose from.

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